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AND10 – one week after

November 9, 2014 Leave a comment

While the first days of AND10 were rather boring, the last week was rather exciting with, at times, excellent propagation on all 3 antennas. The southernmost antenna hauled in lots of stations from the southern and eastern parts of South America, some new ones and some with signals we’ll enjoy until AND11. The northernmost antenna was again excellent on some days, actually most of the USA enjoyed good propagation at various times those days. In particular we had a super opening towards New York state which enabled us to log stations we’ve never even considered possible to hear. For instance, what are the odds of hearing 850 WYLF Penn Yan with no interference from any other NA? I would have guessed it would be impossible if asked that question. I would have been wrong. That wasn’t the only new (for us) station from that area, only a few frequencies have been covered and we’ve logged 1000 WLNL Horseheads, 1110 WSWF Seneca Falls …

A few audio clips: 1370 WTAB, 1370 KXTL, 1120 WKAJ (which we also logged in October 2013 during AND9, quite dominant on the channel at times during AND10).

We are looking forward to the next weeks and months, the log from AND10 could easily become our best so far.

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AND10 – October 30 update

October 30, 2014 Leave a comment

The last days we’ve had to focus on recording, recording and recording. NA (good to excellent conditions) for 16-18 hours a day, South America for 12 hours. Not much time left to sleep and really listen to the recordings. However the evening recordings have had strong NA daytimers from the northeastern states as well as the states near the great lakes, in particular Ohio and Michigan stations have been heard well before their local sunset. In the mornings and until 14-15 UTC conditions have favored stations further west. The coming night will be our last in what has been a very successful DX-pedition. We believe we have been lucky to be here when solar flux was the highest of solar cycle 24 and with no CMEs or proton storms ruining reception.

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AND8 – log

October 30, 2014 Leave a comment

AND8 log

The log should have been uploaded a year ago … Anyway AND8 was excellent for North America.

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AND7: October 21-22

October 23, 2011 1 comment

Stations from Brasil were audible just after 20 UTC. An hour later North American stations became dominant and conditions were above average with good signals and quite a few stations on several frequencies. The best NA signals were noted from sunrise and well into the morning hours. We haven’t had the time to listen extensively to the recordings but there could easily be some interesting catches.

Looking back at the first night we note that 1360 Nueva Q FM was audible until 07 UTC when WMOB and WDRC became too strong competitors.

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