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AND12 -October 26, 2016

October 26, 2016 Leave a comment

AND12 started on October 14 and was terminated today after one of the poorest DX nights in AND history. Overall we are very pleased with reception conditions during AND12, even during the early days just after a geomagnetic disturbance there were lots of DX. The best DX was between October 18 and 25, in particular October 23 and 24 offered unusual stations, some of them rare daytimers.

This year we had an all new setup aiming to remove all noise sources which could be related to our equipment. The all battery setup did what we were hoping for, our recordings have a superb S/N all days and on all antennas, even when compared to our previous setups. We are amazed at the clarity of trans Atlantic signals, be it from low power Brazilian stations or North American clear channel operations.

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AND11 in progress

October 19, 2015 Leave a comment

AND11 began two days ago. We were welcomed by lots of rain and not the best of reception conditions. Still, as we’ve learned before, there are always chances to hear something new at this QTH. The first night was mostly uninspiring, yet 1570 WTRB Ripley TN was a new one for us. The last night has been much more interesting with lots of stations from both South and North America audible. One example: 1550 Estación Quince Cincuenta, Nueva Pompeya (BA).

The log from AND10 has been delayed as we found quite a few unusual stations recently including 1460 KCNR Shasta CA, 890 KMJE Olivehurst CA, 1280 KWSX Stockton CA and 1370 KRAC Quincy CA (truly amazing signal!) We do hope AND11 will be able to match the huge log from AND10 (about 25% larger than any previous of our logs), although improving on the huge opening we had to New York state (leaving very few stations unheard), the fabulous Oklahoma conditions and hearing 3 Mexicans on 1370 kHz in an hour will be very difficult.

Instead enjoy the AND9 log

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AND9 – update

October 25, 2013 Leave a comment

Propagation has been generally good since the first report, best towards the eastern part of North America and, surprisingly, Japan. Morning conditions were poor on October 23 with the band going totally quiet for several hours. The night between Oct.24-25 was very good with NA daytimers heard with good signals from 20:35 UTC, by 22 UTC Michigan stations were very much favored. Excellent conditions continued all night and until after noon on Oct.25. We are hoping for another night with great propagation, however, with the current high solar activity, we never know when signals will be blocked. Brief listening to some of our recordings has revealed stations like 1340 WGAW and 1590 WGGO.

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AND9 in progress

October 22, 2013 Leave a comment

We arrived on Andøya on October 19 and completed antenna work on the 286 and 305 degrees antennas by the end of the day. This was exhausting as 20-30 cm of snow covering the bogs required careful planning of each step. Although the larger mud holes were easily visible the smaller ones weren’t. Each of us got stuck at least twice in the mud, but only for a few seconds as we knew how to get quickly out of such potentially dangerous situations.

DX conditions the first night and day were excellent. Huge signals from Brazil were noted from 20h UTC and 1310 Rádio Cidade Esperança was the first station in the log. Even on the northernmost antenna stations from the southwest were heard until the morning when there was a rapid shift to the Caribbean and North America. 1510 KMSD delivered an unbelievable local like signal and in general conditions to the Dakotas and Minnesota were superb. Later on the best conditions moved westwards (for instance 1360 KFIV had a good signal). Around noon Alaska and Hawaii dominated with nearly all AM stations on Hawaii moving into the log.

On the second day the 264 degrees antenna was completed. The second night brought lots of stations from South America with North America waiting until 04 UTC. From then and until almost noon stations from the eastern part of Canada and the USA were strong and numerous. Surprisingly on 1470 WSAN was dominant for a while.

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AND7 log (draft)

January 1, 2013 Leave a comment

With no recent updates to the AND7 log and none likely soon, the first draft of the log is available.

Over the last couple of months we’ve been listening intensively to the AND8 recordings. While we had a fairly good idea of which areas had been favored each day of the DX-pedition, it has recently become clear that we were very lucky to get a super opening to the southern states, and in particular Texas, during one of the best nights for NA-DX. Some of the more interesting stations added to our log are listed below:

1220 KMVL Madisonville TX
1230 KRSY Alamogordo NM
1240 KVRC Arkadelphia AR
1240 KCVV Sacramento CA
1300 KVET Austin TX
1320 KRDD Roswell NM
1340 KGGS Garden City KS
1340 KAND Corsicana TX
1400 KBYG Big Spring TX
1400 KGVL Greenville TX
1450 KNOT Prescott AZ
1450 KTIP Porterville CA
1580 KIRT Mission TX
1580 KWED Seguin TX

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AND8 – XESP Radio Noticias 1070

October 28, 2012 Leave a comment

XESP is probably the most common Mexican station heard on AM 1070 in Europe north of the polar circle. KNX, CFAX and KLIO make it hard to find this station alone, but although their signal wasn’t the best when the following was recorded, they were pretty much alone on the frequency. Listen.

The previous post mentioned that we have logged a number of Californian stations while briefly checking our recordings. Here ‘s a short list:

1230 KWG Stockton
1240 KJOP Lemoore
1310 KIQQ Barstow
1340 KEWE Oroville
1410 KCAL Redlands
1450 KEST San Francisco
1450 KVML Sonora
1490 KRKC King City
1490 KGBA El Centro

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AND3 final log

November 20, 2011 Leave a comment

It’s been a couple of years since the last draft of the AND3 log was published. Although it is still remotely possible that some of us could find the time to take another look at the recordings from the autumn of 2008, it is time to publish what we think will be the final log. Several interesting additions have been made since the last draft, all of the new stations have been marked according to the symbols and coloring mentioned at the top of the document.

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AND7: CW41 Radio 41

November 20, 2011 1 comment

While conditions to Argentina, Uruguay, Paraguay and central southern Brazil were never outstanding during AND7, we did get a few pretty decent openings towards that part of the world. The new 255 degrees antenna did an excellent job at making those signals readable. Some of the unusual stations identified so far are 1320 Area 1 AM (Caseros, BA), 1460 Radio Contacto (San Antonio de Padua, BA), 1490 Rádio Vila (Vila Rica, MT) and 1300 Radio Fe y Alegria (Asunción – excellent peaks). CW41 Radio 41 (San José) isn’t that unusual, however, their signal was truly excellent on one occasion. Just listen!

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AND6 log

November 3, 2011 Leave a comment

The first draft of the AND6 log is now ready. The log is far from complete, for instance we’ve not spent much time listening below 650 and above 1600 kHz. While we are still discovering quite a few new stations every week, most of the listening time over the next months will likely be devoted to AND7 recordings. Expect to see updates to previous AND logs the next few weeks, there should be some interesting stations there as well.

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AND7: October 21-22

October 23, 2011 1 comment

Stations from Brasil were audible just after 20 UTC. An hour later North American stations became dominant and conditions were above average with good signals and quite a few stations on several frequencies. The best NA signals were noted from sunrise and well into the morning hours. We haven’t had the time to listen extensively to the recordings but there could easily be some interesting catches.

Looking back at the first night we note that 1360 Nueva Q FM was audible until 07 UTC when WMOB and WDRC became too strong competitors.

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