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AND11 in progress

AND11 began two days ago. We were welcomed by lots of rain and not the best of reception conditions. Still, as we’ve learned before, there are always chances to hear something new at this QTH. The first night was mostly uninspiring, yet 1570 WTRB Ripley TN was a new one for us. The last night has been much more interesting with lots of stations from both South and North America audible. One example: 1550 Estación Quince Cincuenta, Nueva Pompeya (BA).

The log from AND10 has been delayed as we found quite a few unusual stations recently including 1460 KCNR Shasta CA, 890 KMJE Olivehurst CA, 1280 KWSX Stockton CA and 1370 KRAC Quincy CA (truly amazing signal!) We do hope AND11 will be able to match the huge log from AND10 (about 25% larger than any previous of our logs), although improving on the huge opening we had to New York state (leaving very few stations unheard), the fabulous Oklahoma conditions and hearing 3 Mexicans on 1370 kHz in an hour will be very difficult.

Instead enjoy the AND9 log

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