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AND10 – October 30 update

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The last days we’ve had to focus on recording, recording and recording. NA (good to excellent conditions) for 16-18 hours a day, South America for 12 hours. Not much time left to sleep and really listen to the recordings. However the evening recordings have had strong NA daytimers from the northeastern states as well as the states near the great lakes, in particular Ohio and Michigan stations have been heard well before their local sunset. In the mornings and until 14-15 UTC conditions have favored stations further west. The coming night will be our last in what has been a very successful DX-pedition. We believe we have been lucky to be here when solar flux was the highest of solar cycle 24 and with no CMEs or proton storms ruining reception.

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AND8 – log

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AND8 log

The log should have been uploaded a year ago … Anyway AND8 was excellent for North America.

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AND10 – October 27 update

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As usual lots of stations from Brazil early in the night. This time the signals lasted until well after our local sunrise with many and strong signals from both Brazil and Argentina. Listening to the southernmost and northernmost antennas was like being in tune with two different worlds. North American stations were in early with strong Michigan stations from 22:30 UTC. A superb signal from 1560 KGOW at midnight UTC increased the hope of southern daytimers. NA lasted until after 11h UTC in the morning. In summary an excellent day for DXing.

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AND10 – October 26 update

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It was another great night on the 264 degrees antenna towards South America. Rádio Espinharas on 1400 kHz had audio from 20:30 and was quite strong only half an hour later. Later in the night, from 04 to 06h UTC, there was a very good opening towards Argentina, Uruguay and southern Brazil.

The previous day on the northernmost antenna brought stations from New York to Minnesota, on 1400 we noted KEYL, WQXO and WCCY. This morning conditions were a bit more open than yesterday. Staying on 1400 we heard KSUN, KBRB and WJRN.

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AND10 – October 25 update

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Another great night for Brazil. Strong signals were heard from before 21h and until 06h UTC. Propagation from the eastern parts of the USA was good in the morning until well after 09h UTC.

From yesterdays recordings a very good opening to the northern and northwestern parts of South America was observed from 02h until after 07h UTC. Apart from the HJ and YV stations even some from Perú made it across the Atlantic, one example being 1110 Radio Feliz.

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AND10 – October 18-31, 2014

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Not much interesting was heard during the first days of AND10. Sure, the usual dominants from the eastern parts of North America and the eastern and southern parts of South America did get through, although with weaker signals than what we’ve become used to over the last years. The last nights have, however, been exceptional. A 7 hour long opening to by Brazil was clearly the best we’ve ever had towards that area with many and clear signals on most AM frequencies.The last night started early, again with Brazil, but now with Argentina popping up with strong signals from 22:30 UTC. After 03h UTC lots of stations from Venezuela and Colombia were joined by east coast NA.

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