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AND9 in progress

We arrived on Andøya on October 19 and completed antenna work on the 286 and 305 degrees antennas by the end of the day. This was exhausting as 20-30 cm of snow covering the bogs required careful planning of each step. Although the larger mud holes were easily visible the smaller ones weren’t. Each of us got stuck at least twice in the mud, but only for a few seconds as we knew how to get quickly out of such potentially dangerous situations.

DX conditions the first night and day were excellent. Huge signals from Brazil were noted from 20h UTC and 1310 Rádio Cidade Esperança was the first station in the log. Even on the northernmost antenna stations from the southwest were heard until the morning when there was a rapid shift to the Caribbean and North America. 1510 KMSD delivered an unbelievable local like signal and in general conditions to the Dakotas and Minnesota were superb. Later on the best conditions moved westwards (for instance 1360 KFIV had a good signal). Around noon Alaska and Hawaii dominated with nearly all AM stations on Hawaii moving into the log.

On the second day the 264 degrees antenna was completed. The second night brought lots of stations from South America with North America waiting until 04 UTC. From then and until almost noon stations from the eastern part of Canada and the USA were strong and numerous. Surprisingly on 1470 WSAN was dominant for a while.

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